2015 Summit Tapestry of Evolution:
Strength, Power & Influence in Media

In June of 2015, WLI will host its annual summit titled, “Tapestry of Evolution: Strength, Power and Influence in Media.” Recognizing that media is a major and integral force in shaping our society, the 2015 summit will explore how television, film, radio, print, theater, music and social media impact how we see ourselves, how positive and negative portrayals influence perceptions, and how we can use and hold media accountable to effect change.

Youth Track

Wise Latina International to host a youth track for middle and high school girls as part of the summit on Friday, June 12 from 11am-4pm at the Downtown Main Library hosted in collaboration with Latinitas. The Summit will promote excellence and innovation by encouraging young women to find their passion and unleash their creativity. During this workshop, girls will hear inspirational presentations from women leaders, view informative documentaries on issues facing youth, participate in service projects, get helpful advice for their future success and engage in hands-on workshops focused on self-expression through photography, film, creative writing and art.